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Well ... I almost bought myself a house today. Unfortunately another buyer kept bidding over me and then over my limit (*crying*) so I had to bow out. I'm a bit disappointed because it was a lovely house, but mostly I'm proud I had the guts to bid and really mean it. I'm always so friggin' careful and it was nice to just go for it for once.

In other news, I'm listening to Kris Allen's new album over and over and it's really beautiful. So far, Alright With Me is my favourite, but the whole thing is just lovely and I intend to buy this album as soon as it drops.
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I took another look at the house I liked, and it's still lovely. But it has a few more or less serious flaws that I didn't notice the first time around. Which, figures. Obviously I'm going to have to look at more houses before making a decision about this one. And because I don't want to be the person who just gets the first house they look at I'm sort of relieved about that.
Come to think of it, the whole thing feels a bit like opening lots of presents and decide which one not to return.

house love

Apr. 26th, 2009 03:41 pm
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I looked at a house this week and fell in love on the spot. It's really odd because I've looked at about a million apartments during the last two years and never felt anything but meh. This is the first house I've ever looked at and it's lovely. I mean, who buys the first house they look at? It's frankly making me doubt my ability to judge things properly. Is it possible that I'm romanticizing the whole house thing? Or am I just lucky and this is actually my house?


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