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As fake as a fake thing, but still ... <3

ETA: Oh, and in the YouTube commentaries a few people are letting us know that "police" is spelled wrong on the side of the van. 
... I can't tell if they're joking or not.
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This is so great, or maybe scary. I can't decide.
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Oh, and today our crown princess got engaged to her boyfriend of seven years. Everybody is all turned around and it's kind of sweet. I approve, and I'm not even a royalist.
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Our Immigrations Court has given residence permit to a former Guantánamo prisoner, Adil Hakimjan, an uighur from China. This man was imprisoned at Guantánamo for five years, despite being guilty of exactly nothing at all.
Adil, not welcome back in China, has a sister here and can now stay with her and her children.

Maybe this sort of proves that we, as a nation, actually do have a heart.
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Yeah, I might have cried a little when the inauguration started.


Nov. 5th, 2008 09:03 pm
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It felt like waking up to a completely new world this morning. I don't care that reality will soon find a way to beat that sentiment out of me, I just want to be pleased for a second and leave reality for another day. Damn it.

I'm possibly a little bit drunk right now, having celebrated with my co-workers (who also happen to be my father and sister) with thai food and wine. Officially, the celebrating wasn't for president-elect Obama but for finally having finished a gruelling job period that's lasted for almost a year, but still. Note also that I've managed to stay away from the capslock. The blessed Internets have been flooded with capslock today.
Yay world, for once you rule!
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This is pure gold. The Long Johns explain subprime and the financial crisis.


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