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Ok, the last one.

Want You Bad (ST-TNG) Picard and Q, my very first slashy pair!
L.E.S Artistes (Terminator movies) Perfect song for Sarah Connor.

Truth Is In The Dirt (V - 2009) Intriguing, great pacing.

What About Love (Youngblood) *sigh* So much love.

Columbus & Tallahassee (Zombieland) Fun, gratuitious violence! And the editing!

Done and done. I've had so much fun watching through these vids :-)
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Here we go.

Don't Stop Movin' (Primeval) Hee! Dinosaurs!

I Gave You All (Push) Intriguing and heartbreaking.

The Humbling River (Red Cliff) Great, great song choice and so beautiful.

Skinny Genes (Rizzoli & Isles) Cute and fun.

Make It Pop (Scott Pilgrim vs the World) Perfect editing with the music.

Recalled to Life (The Secret Garden) Oh, this story, it made me tear up.
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Will go through the whole list if it kills me, reveals or no reveals.

I'm Your Man (Jekyll) So cool and creepy.

Anywhere On This Road (Jericho) Chilling.

They Want More (Jurassic Park trilogy) Feel almost bad by how amused I was by this.

End of the World (Life After People) So, so gorgeous.

Pump It! (The Losers) Sexy action!

Misfit's First Christmas (Misfits) Bwahahahaha!
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A few more recs before the festivid reveals:

Big Pimpin'/Papercut (Event Horizon) Unimaginably creepy. Wow.

Testimony (Ever After) Sweet and gentle, perfect music.

Dear Sons and Daughters of Hungry Ghosts (The Fall) Oh, so beautiful.

Paranormal Activity (The Frighteners) So, so much cooler than the film.

Requiem (From Hell) Haunting almost, and very disturbing.

Blue (Hot Fuzz) Heee! The energy and editing!
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Masterlist here. And some recs:

O Death
(The Book of Eli) Stunning, love the tempo.

Serpent Charmer (The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford) Creepy, yet beautiful.

Life is a Highway (CHiPs) Sunshine and puppies.

Never the Same (The Chronicles of Narnia) Quite epic.

In a Moment (Constantine) It moves so so well with the music.


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