Jun. 29th, 2010 09:06 pm
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In honor of Jim Cantiello's latest interview with Kris Allen, here is a relevant quote:

"You do strange things to straight men, Kris Allen." - Jim Cantiello.
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I find it amusing that almost every finalist on American Idol this year has done a song that Kris Allen did last year, and yet his name has not been mentioned once. I also find it amusing that a song that was called "obscure" last year, a song that "nobody would know" and that he specifically had to ask AI to clear and then did a beautiful version of, is also being done this year. Again without any mention of his name.

And by amusing I mean kind of rude.

Also, just because, here is K*** A**** singing that song in Manila:


Also #2, watch someone do Heartless next week. Badly.

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Um, I think I may have to forgo sleep tonight in favour of the Kradison concert ♥

And because my love for him only seems to grow with time, here's Kris Allen singing Come Together in Singapore a couple of days ago:

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Well ... I almost bought myself a house today. Unfortunately another buyer kept bidding over me and then over my limit (*crying*) so I had to bow out. I'm a bit disappointed because it was a lovely house, but mostly I'm proud I had the guts to bid and really mean it. I'm always so friggin' careful and it was nice to just go for it for once.

In other news, I'm listening to Kris Allen's new album over and over and it's really beautiful. So far, Alright With Me is my favourite, but the whole thing is just lovely and I intend to buy this album as soon as it drops.


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