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Smart Bitches have a plan to punish Amazon.
Amazon Rank

ETA: NY Times article about Amazon pulling dirty tricks on publishers.
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Catching up on RaceFail '09 at [info]rydra_wong's journal I found this satirical jem from [info]kynn. It's hilarious and pretty much sums up the opinion expressed by some of my less thoughtful fellow white people. I even vaguely recognize passages from actual posts people have made, which once again boggles the mind.

Also, this brilliance from [info]inalasahl made me happy. She spends her spoons so you wont have to.

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Yes, boys and girls, the RaceFail '09 debacle is still going on!

I stumbled on this thing in January, not long after it started, but then for various reasons didn't pay attention to how it developed. Now, after having checked in again at [personal profile] rydra_wong's journal, I discover that it's partly deteriorated into a thing about pseudonyms vs real names, with one side basically liking those of us using pseudonyms online to criminals (!). With actual legal threats thrown in for added fun.
I don't even know what to say to this. People seem to have completely lost their minds.
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Oh, hi Internet! Hi search engines! YouTube! I've missed you so much! *hugs the Internets*
I've just changed Internet providers and been offline for a few days because the former and the current provider saw no reason to agree on a date to respectively turn off and turn on my connection. But, I now have MORE BANDWIDTH, which means my days of excruciating Internet slowness are over.

first post!

Oct. 8th, 2008 08:53 pm
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I has a livejournal! It's so shiny and new I almost don't want to clutter it up. But then what would be the point of having one?

Will now go and explore functions and features.


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